The main theme of this album is Generative Art/ Algorithmic Art


Track 1: Randomness (Release date 06-04-2017)

Experimenting with some of Ableton’s built-in features, but using only hardware instruments. I used MIDI plugins like Scale, Random, Velocity and Arpegiator(s). Everything through External Instrument. Finally I added some flavour with my Pelham Blue Joe Bonamassa tribute Les Paul guitar.

Track 2: Organistic (Release date 06-10-2017)

More experiments with some of Ableton’s built-in features

Track 3: Theremin (Release date 06-10-2017)

On this track I used the Moog Sub 37 preset Theremin. What a lovely sound that is !

Track 4: Spiralistic (Release date 06-17-2017)

An uptempo track made with a combination of soft- and hardware instruments. I used the Moog Sub 37 and the KingKorg on this one

Track 5: Evolving (Release date 06-19-2017)

This is kind of an ambient study (should be on my latest album Ambient Studies) with my newest piece of hardware the Push 2

Track 6: Sonnewende (Release date 06-21-2017)

This track was made on the longest day of the year; a turning point in nature. I used a mix of hard- and software. The hardware instruments were the Roland Juno DS 88 for the piano and pads, the Moog Sub 37 for the bass like sounds and a bit of pad sounds.

Track 7: Gravity Reversed (Release date 06-27-2017)

Push 2 meets Hardware! It took me some time to configure the hardware instruments. On this track it came together with the External Instrument in Ableton Live. Again a mixture of hard- and software, where the hardware instruments win..

Track 8: In the Box (Release date 06-29-2017)

Push 2 meets Software. This entire track is made with software instruments form Ableton Live 9.7 Suite.