Analog Recordings

Track 1: Sub 37 Jam (Release date 01-28-2017)

First ever release with the Moog Sub 37

Track 2: Ambient Sub 37 (Release date 01-30-2017)

One of the first impressions with the fabulous Moog Sub 37!

Track 3: Funky (Release date 01-30-2017)

Title says it all!!

Track 4: After the Cold (Release date 02-05-2017)

The picture for this track was taken during a very pleasant Sunday stroll with my lovely wife

Track 5: Hooked (Release date 02-24-2017)

The title from this track refers to the unmistakable sound I heard playing this track in my studio: Peter Hook from Joy Division/New Order and others..

Track 6: Soundcrafted (Release date 03-07-2017)

This track was recorded using the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK. This is the only track recorded with that particular mixer, our ways parted after this track..

Track 7: Quadraverbed (Release date 04-19-2017)

This is my first encounter with the Alesis Quadraverb

Track 8: Dry Out (Release date 04-22-2017)

Another patch created from scratch. I used the Quadraverb preset Dry Out; that’s the title 🙂

Track 9: Droneing (Release date 04-27-2017)

This is a patch I made using loop and latch functions on the amplifier and filter envelope. I just love the raw droneing sounds from the Moogs!

Track 10: Moog’s Lessons (Release date 04-30-2017)

I made this particular patch from scratch learning from the manual

Track 11: Drawbar (Release date 05-03-2017)

This is a custom patch I made on the Moog Sub 37 that sounds like a drawbar organ

Track 12: Butlers Sound (Release date 05-08-2017)

Playing my guitar with the Boss GX-700 and the Alesis Quadraverb, I stumbled on a sound that reminds me of the sound of former Suede guitaris Bernard Butler..

Track 13: Resonance (Release date 05-22-2017)

The resonant and pleasing sound of a 303 played on the Moog Sub 37