Exploration of the Musical Landscape

Exploring different music styles and recording and playing techniques

Track 1: Keys (Release date 01-04-2017)

This track was a project I had to do for my music teacher 😉

Track 2: Sidechain (Release date 01-08-2017)

This actually is an experimental track where I experimented with the sidechain compression function in Ableton Live 9.7

Track 3: 808 (Release date 01-13-2017)

Sounds and Patterns inspired by the 808

Track 4: Strange Sounds (Release date 01-21-2017)

The sample used is the track title

Track 5: Metal Percussion (Release date 02-09-2017)

There is a lot of percussion going on on this track!

Track 6: Above the Clouds (Release date 02-09-2017)

It just feels this way

Track 7: Atmospheric Piano (Release date 02-10-2017)

Needless to say why

Track 8: Abandoned (Release date 02-11-2017)

It just had to be this title, when I first laid my eyes on the track picture

Track 9: Red Moon (Release date 02-15-2017)

The title of this track popped up, whilst driving my car with my wife, watching a full Red Moon!

Track 10: Summer Sunset (Release date 05-27-2017)

Though the Summer had not yet arrived, the song felt like relaxing and enjoying the setting Summer Sun..

Track 11: Numbers (Release date 07-08-2017)

First time to use my voice on a track…