Track 1: Tropical HeatĀ (Release date 07-09-2017)

The title refers to the temperature in my studio during the recording and mixing process šŸ˜‰ I used a wide range of hardware instruments combined with Ableton Live Suite instruments

Track 2: For the Love of my LifeĀ (Release date 07-15-2017)

This song is dedicated to my lovely wife whom I love very much! The picture used was taken during our wedding day. I used several guitar tracks with some juicy effects on them. You can actually hear my voice on this track!

Track 3: PluckedĀ (Release date 07-17-2017)

An Ambient Study with some nice strings and analog juice

Track 4: Summer StormĀ (Release date 07-20-2017)

I used some field recordings of thunder and rain on this track. It was the last track before our holiday, not knowing we would actually be in a Summer Storm..